Angel in bean field

Angel in bean field   〜 Change with pain

The cloud of the float like the swim in the autumn wind interrupted Asahi, and the sky of the morning did the color that was not the morning.
Then, the interval of the cloud is sewn, and one small angel has gotten off.
He hung his wing on the fragment of the star when flying over the night sky of the dawn, and had gotten wounded.
Still, one of wings were given well without destroying the center of gravity of the whole body and it got off to the ground.
By chance..see..elderly person..angel..shoot..dazzling..light..eye..make.
It approached the angel and it said.

It is ..".. ..heaven.. . in strangeness ..not thinking bright.. though cultivated the field of the bean a minute ago.
I thought that as many as two sun externals went out today.
Then, you got off very much. Moreover, to unusual again when you absorb it
It comes when the shuttlecock grows in a small body to have person's shape.
What on earth?」

Then, the injured angel answered.
I am ..".. angel from the moon from which it came from outskirts of the other side and Hoshicz. I say the are the name.
Getting off to here was after a long time, and autumn ahead of this with the certainty 350 million-years ago.
Though it is thought that at that time, there was nothing around here yet, too
It flew while looking at the scenery that had changed fairly over the night sky of the dawn now.
To tell the truth, the wing is hung on the fragment of the star while it looks away in such a way.
It has gotten off for the desire barely to manage so as not to crash.
Please I will take a rest here. 」

..".. ..good.. ..slowly until recovering from one's injury...
..and long life ...
It can meet a genuine angel.
The angel said that the elderly person would say so while patting my chin whiskers by the worried face for a moment.
..".. I am sorry. I will inform you in advance, beforehand
The others nobody, please do not report my appearance to have been seen.
On condition that..such a thing..heaven..companion..know..world above..banishment.
So ..".. has been understood. ..saying.. . of , anyone relief ..control..
And having encountered you thus also : in the edge of something.
"It be what?"
The river flows to a place left a little from here and it ..".. takes it.
To tell the truth, want to pull the waterway there to this field, and
After all, in Sai of.
On the lower body today, it is terrible and serious . to ditch it from there here.
If possible, though I want you to help.
God..give..such a thing.
Yes, it is not possible ..".. never to do by doing.
However, the god's permission is necessary for helping to man's device.
If..without permission..such a thing..do..later..grow serious.
"And very?"
Perhaps, soon, it ..".. will become land where one grass doesn't grow around here.
And, the poison springs up from the interior of ground.
「Do not come. When such a thing is done, the eagle and grandchildren are ..floatage... 」
「Yes. However ……,」
"However, … ?. "
..".. if you make it take a rest quietly here until the wound of this wing is healed
「Is it .... so?And, do?」
"Your of today lower body is made strong. "
「Yes, it is . that cannot know be good. Then, will you ask?」
"It is likely to feel a pain for a moment. "
「..floatage.. ?Etc.. It is good, and asks. 」
"Please lie ..there... "
When the angel applies its hand to the stomach of the lying elderly person and
The light that not was till then was shot, and the creation of elderly person's body was made to rejuvenate a little.
"Yes, please stand up this time. "
「Is it .... so?… Is it good in the long ages?」
"It is. "

The elderly person who felt that my stature rose because it makes it momentarily
Though a little pain was felt for the back and the neck when the line of the backbone is made straight
The hair color changes in a moment, and even chin whiskers have finally blackened.
"Yes, ended by this. "
Is it ..".. ..putting.. , so?..floatage.. ?It ..putting on.. has become easy and to breathe somehow for tens of years.
If it is this, anything can seem to be done. 」
"Is it really good in this?"
「Ah I was indebted. It is good, immediate, and it will run to the river. 」
Thus, the elderly person who borrowed angel's power and rejuvenated with surprising swiftness at full throttle ran to the riverbank.
And, the appearance of the angel who had Kirari and eyes slightly with a smile and shine though it saw was there.
It is not because it knows the meaning, and the young person already is ..giving.. as for the hoe that has it, and the earth is assiduously carved.
It dug by light movement and it began to sing advancing.

The young person where the bean field finished shortly digging up the waterway straight soon will : before long.
It wiped perspiration from one's brow, it returned to the side of the angel who was taking a rest by the suntrap, and it said.
"It was possible to have done, and to have done here by favor
Slowly, the worry of water is ..tomorrow.. ..needing.. if digging up a detailed ditch in this field.
Then, the angel answered.
"No, it cannot be done. "
"You are already only an untouched appearance and can exist in this age. "
"Such a thing is hearing. "
..".. no. I should certainly have been cutting off in the beginning.
For a moment..feel a pain.
Angel's word ahead : Routiti that rejuvenates for the first time then.
It was realized that it was a meaning "Feel a pain in my mind".

「… ..becoming it.. . where it cannot return to house any longerThere is not a face matched to the grandmother in such an appearance either. 」
In the eyes, it slightly took and was oozed out.
The angel who had seen it unfurled one's wings and said.
Please ..".. do not disappoint so much.
Though this field was a place before long for you a minute ago over someone's hand
It will be sure to be your field for the near future.
Was the ditch be carved for the earth, and the waterway built for that?」

The young person who had been growing old only the mind still saw the wing of the angel who would try to flap at any moment and wiped.
And, it answered with a smile by forgetting the silence of autumn bright.
Not .."….. seemingYour wing recovered, too.
Surely at one time while the bean is grown here.
. that cannot be known as soon as day when pain in this chest clears up, too comes
… thank you"
The smile disappeared over there empty while seeing when the angel heard the word.






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   September fool

        September fool

In this room to which the chill sneaks in
The severe wound of love of self-conceiting
 To the way of the plectrum guitar of the gauge It is amusing somehow.
Ronald's drug extermination declaration ……
It is true in the mass communication ....twist.. Mage it...
Now since it is trivial, such a thing :.
Float on eyes silly not liked by a favorite fellow.
All day long It kept bathing in the light of the television.
You said What you say is not understood.
Unmanly sign of autumn faced in this town
I do not want to make the nature suffered as for whose word any longer.
A man is such. I want you to laugh. September fool
…… of no necessity Regrettable has not been done any longer.
Cloudy skies of summer following yesterday
Repetition misunderstood under that each other
The tired applying combination boils the story that doesn't end.
Considerable boredom
There is not uselessness even if it confirms it by the body …… either.
There is something that should be thrown away to me.
Now since even such a thing is not understood
Though this distance is only what I made it
All day long It uttered a sigh to one.
You said Are not we suitable?
I do not want to show nobody or less my first cousin in this town.
I who was able to be obedient in front of you ……
..may your light treatment ..this fellow.. naturally.. September fool
It wishes it be to necessary. It is not disappointed any longer.

86' sep.16th,pm 6 & 88' oct.

BAD LIFE out takes
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KODO:Going To A Go-Go.

KODO and earth celebration News flash 2
The new work of Stones is terrific Sgoi and here is terrific.
The 18th "Earth festivity" for three days from August 19 ended.
The final days are twices the number of schedule mobilizations.
Night when hall in Joyama Park was encompassed by heat of spectator who exceeds 2,000 people.
Is here "Sado really. " really?
All of the sound and the performance as saying
The race was exceeded exceeding the generation exceeding the genre.
It hung in the last stage of the stage of the 21st.
Koji Kakinuma(http://www.kakinumakoji.net/ )


・・・・・Carrying out musical instruments and machine parts until midnight of the 21st, and Barashi preparations of hall of and me.
The next day and 22, inside where rain and thunder rage
Dismantlement and materials carrying out of stage between 8:30 and 19 AM.
Lunch : in the catering service by the artist of KODO.
Curry and rice.
Though this cannot be said excluding the staff
Terrific delicious.
Quail's egg enters triple.
The putting suiting is natto mixed in the stainless steel ball of the outsize.
The stage of KODO also
It is created by the artist and the trainee.
Of course, the sound, it illuminates, and the Inn tray is united (iron frame materials that become staging basic).
Though a special trader of charge and each team organizes it
The Tszumiwarabe staff ..all until removing.. centers and is working from construction.
The cooperation of a local of the Sado city living and a deep-rooted fan is there, too.
I am a local.
Mainly Nippon Budoukan several years ago
Because training and Barashi of the concert stage were experienced
Though it is when a few becoming accustomed to the treatment of materials
It is not still daily chores and now since it has become it
To tell the truth, the feeling has dulled.
Any stage : according to the schedule.
It is necessary to apply Keri in a certain fixed time.
For instance, for three nights in Nippon Budoukan
Even if there is live of Eric Clapton
When there is a rally of the judo in daytime
Naturally, the stage is removed from after the the end of a show to the morning, and the hall of the judo is made.
And, the day before and the same stage are united again in daytime.
Even if the spectator has a natural face and is sitting on the arena
Backstage is progress of the schedule like the demon.
The lock in the place where it performs and it performs and also makes the stage though it is making
The yell is different.
Even if it is not hard so much
Any artist's live concert also
It is not unrestricted between Toki. reserve about the hall
Especially, if the hall becomes a different tour
Making the stage is not the same according to the performance place at all either.
In such a flow, there is a stage of Tszumiwarabe, too.
Though it is a byte to be involved in the annual performance in local like me etc. of today
If it becomes the artist and a producer
While considering materials used for the next performance schedule and materials not used
The removal work in wind and rain ・・・ This is not Hampa.
Still as long as such a physical labor is not done
It is likely to become the nuisance of work because of loans of where.
I from whom feeling has become duller because of such a meaning.


With the live video of Stones

To "Let' s Spend The Nigeht Together "

There is a tune "Going To A Go-Go".

Video manufacturer
Let's Spend Za night Tugezar.


To one scene of the edit image of the live performance
The pattern of the stage making at that time in 1981 is recorded.
In short, the work :.
It is done in the stadium, the hall, and the outdoors in various places.
In this at one of today
It is not the live album "TWENTY FLIGHT ROCK. "
(・・・ This was a bootleg. )
From the live album "STILL LIFE"

"Going To A Go-Go"


The Rolling Stones
from Still Life
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Earth celebration in summer of KODO News flash

As of August 18, 2005.
Well, it is a gold mine in Sado as for "Gold".
Sado will be held from tomorrow.
Stage and earth celebration (EC) of KODO. )
It becomes the 18th times in this year.
To tell the truth, the stage has already been trained on the 15th and this August 16.
I have gone for the help for the two days by bringing "Tool of Nagri".
To the way of every day in Nippon Budoukan (Big-Egg) before
I who was doing the byte of training and the removal of the stage also
After uniting the stage of Eric Clapton and Stones by staying up all night
By the nostalgia of the edge time of the arena as the guest the next day
Physical strength is consumed ・・・ 38..
In amusement Sado (concert hall of the Sado City boast) in May
Because it was a physical labor after a long time after having the stage hand of Gosperarz
Though muscular pain was terrific until yesterday evening
Still, it has recovered considerably today.
Because the main stage of the earth celebration is the outdoors
In the coast (Ogi and Joyama Park) in Sado where the change of the weather is violent every day
The stage is trained under wind and rain and hot weather.
Though the stage construction was helped to Barashi last summer
It is Decai from last year's stage this year.
The width is given a ride to, and it extends and about two and harmony drums of nine shakus are given a ride to with 3 and spaciousness.
The guest musician is invited from foreign countries and the summer of holding Tszumiwarabe every year.
Though it is thought that it was a famous brass band in certain Romania last year
In Peter Baracan vicinity (?) that seems to be favorite this year
The guest is Carlos Nunus.
It is a bagpiper who missions Celt music from Spain.
This person's)(only though seen in the photograph and the television news eyes are beautiful.
The stage where the collaboration of originality and the harmony drum of and the bagpipe is seen
Night of the 20th and the 21st.
Paformans to which the Indian ink is scattered with the Decai brush is seen.
Because sales of Same-day purchase are \5,500 (It will be cheap) respectively on \5,000 on the 20th and 21
It is not too late now.
It is worth inquiring of EC executive committee. (It crawls, and pack it fast. )
http://eee.eplus.co.jp Or, the Lawson ticket code. 3 9 3 6 4
Please check out Kodo's website for detailed English infomation.
I have that light truck run to do the stage after the the end of a show in the rose on the night of the 21st.
It can touch the sound of Carlos Nunus before the encore because it ..about 22 o'clock.. ..locale.. enters.
By the way, ..10:00AM, August 22th.. one and a half hours.
The story of the Celtic culture of Carlos Nunus is prepared for the project of kicking straight.
To begin with, though live of the earth celebration is main
In addition, various entertainments have been being prepared for three days.
Sado is like an international event as not possible to be thought for people of the farm village farmer in local.
Information for the period is being delivered in i-mode on August 15.
Because my carrying is J-hone model, it is not seen.
Toshiba model that bought it in 1998.
E-mail doesn't provide the retrieval function for 38 characters.
To a young fellow
When saying, "Bought it in year that Beatles dissolved"
It is felt admiration.
With an oily felt-tipped marker
Because it is sewn jet-black
When saying, "It ..Core.. is remodeled and become a couch commander"
I ..Cowai.. : ..a young still party who believes...

http://ameblo.jp/badlife/entry-10003699967.html To the next day of the Barashi day ・・・
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Alcatraz in Japan?

Including Mano crane that won association gold prize of nationwide new brew criticisms 5 years in a row
With Kicha, Ryou, the imperial demesne glass, Canetsl, and the north snow
Anyway, local sake good at northern provinces is in Sado.

The isolated island in the land "Sado" : to the people general.
It has a reputation for being dark for a long time even if it sees historically.
The fact : on eyes of man who lives at the present age.
Though no one actually sees
The place it assumed to be a penal colony in Edo period
Also in some tourist spots, the signs are certainly.
Even if you have already said in the age that it is not the flesh and blood
Though it is negative because the fact is true though it is not
In the consciousness of life of people who live in the reality and this island
There is no such shadow in the not a bit.
Concerning a Japanese abduction issue of North Korea in the same 38th parallel
In view of outside eyes, also at one o'clock
The mother-of-pearl that doesn't have the part without the Ii impression either either is non-too.
That itself the family that comes back
A serious thing is serious as "Victim of Korean War".
However, other those who return home also include, and all the people : at this late date.
There is a doubt what where to be welcomed.
To begin with, that abduction issue, the abduction event, and the suspected abduction :.
Before the problem that cracks to and is called the long ages very
It depends on "There is combination about obstinacy" of the United States and the Soviet Union at that time in 1950.
It is necessary to wash the problem of Korean War and I think.
Why does that peninsula still remain being divided into parts in 38th parallel?
Have the doubt in that and in the education (especially, compulsory education of the subordinate of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
It is necessary to give the people the steady recognition.
The settlement of Hiroshima Nagasaki is how.
Way of the United States at that time and Britain in Vietnam and Falkland
How about the way in the Gulf War and Kosovo to use chemical arms.
Iran and Iraq did very by a religious confrontation.
And , nuclear test of country somewhere
Though this might certainly be important "Study"
The Japanese : in such each dispute and a civil war, etc.
Where do it enter ..what.. and is there a coming fact?
About such a concealed problem
If the education of Japan is not more sound
The abduction issue also : like the abduction issue.
It is likely not to be solved through all eternity.
While the victim is alive
Not only Sado but even also the Niigata prefecture and other regions
Even if there is existence of people who have the awareness of the issues as an ocular demonstration
Really, in the next next generation
What from whom where is remembered by you?
Though this has the history of the exile
The fact where weight and criminals of the punishment exist
As well as the consideration that no one has already remembered
It is forgotten in man's history, and I think that is not ・・・ where it disappears.
. of me
Well, the island the "Sado" :.
The entire island became "Sado City" last spring.
It rushes into here me in year ..earliness.. , fourth after it moves and it lives.
Wife's parents' family is in the center part of the island nation named this Sado.
At any rate, for me who becomes accustomed to the city living on the pretext
"Think about my child's life environment. "
Thus, I was thrown into Alcatraz in Japan ・・・ (?).
Though such a way to say might be also impolite to native of the island's from the origin people
To tell the truth, until living in this Sado
I was only "Such foolish an opinion" and existed, too.
It is . now at all.
・・・For me, I am neither a criminal the rebel is nor those who blaspheme.
There is not crime consideration "Suicide wish" that the self certainly has before either.
Such a past desire : the mind even if there is Yogil sometimes.
It is thought that it is not me.
Though this story was written down in detail on another page
Actually, after it moves to Sado and it lives, Hakkiri and the distinction are almost attached.
It is first in July, 2002 ..moving...
I found employment in the brewing company that had the nearby wine cellar by 3,000 Koku at once.
The sake of the brand "Mano crane" is brewed.
Local sake shop in shop of old standing that receives this year and ..establishment.. 112 years
Tail field brewing? Company.
It was assigned to the sightseeing stall there.
Even if sake is me favorite
Though it was "Tooshiro" doesn't know
"It is amateur of Kane when getting it. "
However, I of the motto am not done halfway if becoming work.
Anyway, local sake (There are six wine cellars including the Mano crane) all over Sado
Everything is almost drunk and it compares it.
It held out aiming at becoming the expert of the local sake of Sado.
It is sake since then as for "Souvenir" though goes somewhere.
When going home to mama, one-shou bottle is hung.
Presents are all sake.
Though Kane hangs as such
Any person is pleased with goods hardly obtained in the city.
There is ..only Sado.. creating it in not only sake but also Sado.

The sake of sampling is variously tasted while working.
Having noticed
Sake is brewed with rice, and "Sake ..making from rice.." :.
It was "One of the manufacturing things that the god had permitted man. " ・・・
Moreover, there were the glory period and 14 brewing warehouses in Sado.
There are still as many as six sake breweries now.
When seeing from the natural world and the earth
Indescribable : to one island in the narrow scope.
The warehouse where a sacred drink of sake is made
There are still as many as six.
Such rare land (island) : worldwide.
Small in history, problem "It was a penal colony at the bygone".
It is only it only. (I before also include it. )
Have you stayed with a dark image at the people?
Still, among the postwar educations of Japan
Especially, the history education is bad.
For instance, certain is only a fiction, and a swindle thing in the period play of the television.
It is not all of the fact it is in the textbook of the school.
Way of life biased to information that disturbs eyes of me original
The common sense is not suitable any longer in this age. The nationwide union achievement test is ..(・・・.. ..becoming it... )
Even if my ancestor has the person who exists in "Exile" in the false charge
It is not oneself who is alive now in this world.
Moreover, run away from living actually, and in the person who tries to run away
Own mind is only made "Shape to put the tattoo in the arm".
It is interesting the Levy of ..fool.. Te program is to rate the insistence UP as for the content.
Though there is no "Obasan of Tamashiinousha that is" ..it is likely to extend to this island..
To the party of the possession constitution such as such a swiz or fortune-telling Babaa
It only has to say a selfish thing, and to do.
Such fellows need not never come over to this island.
Naturally, it is for world off the count
It doesn't have the qualification to eat delicious sake and the fish of winter either.
It is not qualified ..taste of Uonuma and Japan that queues up and "Koshihikari of Sado".. .... ..the floatage...
..the necessity..
It is neither consideration that cracks to information on such a looking multiplication knocking down nor recognition.
Importance of "Pair and the natural world"
Whether it is valued to live with nature as man to where or not?
Man's history of not coming up at one o'clock : in only 200 years of Edo period.
The idea : encompassing to dishonesty Ki as the entire island is covered.
It is shame as the crumble of the balance of childishness, the fool, thoughtlessness, and the body and the mind and man.
It is not who of foolishness that advances the decline of the human race consideration.
.. piece it is about and such disadvantageous Ctabari.. apart from party's dirty story
Land "Sado" is not such a place in now and old times.
Certainly, time, time, and cost hang to extend from the mainland.
I also : to the shipping company of the example in such respect.
"Is you monopoly enterprises Erai so much?"
Though there is a part that wants to groan for a moment, too
It is it, and "Strange party" a little while ago sets foot on with random.
So as not to come to make it amusingly extra
There might be a part suddenly driven, too.
However, who did begin to say how "Sadogashima" to call?
Excluding the person involved in the business of tourism in local
Nobody does such how to call.
Most of 70,000 population natives of the island or less
The place where I live is called "Sado".
Such one a word
The image of Sado : inside and outside of.
It differs quite.
Moreover, sake is delicious.
Therefore, rice is also naturally delicious. Water is beautiful.
There are all the year round a lot of things of "Setting up of the morning it is possible to catch" as for the thing ..fish.. super-.. sold.
All squid's slices of raw fish are transparent.
In the ormer, the size of Zouri is Zara.
The house where the vegetable and the fruit are privately grown is more abundant.
There are no five stories or more in the building. (In the convenience store, there are only five savings on. )
The natural world crushes all buildings of five stories or more.
Even if it becomes a destroyed world
Such disaster damage won't happen in Sado.
Because man who lives in this island still :.
Still no matter how you educate the world
Along with the change at the four seasons naturally suitable
There is a lot of men who are leading their life.
The pollution of the atmosphere, geological features, and the water quality also : even such a meaning compared with the mainland.
As the place where man lives, it might be still safe one.
However, ..sense of values.. because is thought that each one is different
For instance, there are people who think," "For activation of the island, too.
I am not a translation interested in this either.
Certainly, agriculture and the fishery of Sado also : to the native of the island to the extent that the young person is few.
There is a part with the worry that seems to end in the senior citizen generation today, too.
Person who went out of and island
There is will being not to detain the person who wants to go out.
Whether I of 38 years bury its bone under this land now or not?
Though this is not understood, and ..wanting idea.. doesn't exist
So for me.
It is not a place "Home of the mind" of "Hometown of the yearning" either.
The end urged by selection where I should live as man named him
Place for which it was needed to live here as man obediently, and honestly.
It is only such a place for me of today.
Moreover, it is not only this Japan, and in the age today
Here and there all over the world on the earth,
Even if it wants to live in such a place, it is not possible to live.
In such a place
Man who cannot live increases even if it wants to live and it ..true coming, too...
・・・You need not escape from Alcatraz to me.
【 O Record 】
The hot spring or the ski area : to Alcatraz though it is not.
It is in Sado.
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Do you live in this age or die? Oneself original : ..capture and the return...

What should be of color life to live in the natural world.
It is very usually ordinary, and and 2 and I who not is exist there no matter how it is complex.
One by one it touches, and momentarily in the moment naturally of feeling by the mind.
I want as much as possible to do my best to not losing sight of my role, and living.
The same section is done yesterday and today and it comes, and it is not possible to slip out the narrow scope, and going back is chased at the time not effective.
Reality that repetition of regret regrets the future. I of today cannot sincerely be valued.
The kind at dusk is also various, and this is not sometimes myself, etc. true. Such an exhausted generation and contemporary society.
How should I live as myself?
It sees, it listens to the favorite one, and it touches, and it tastes and the warmth etc. of the color, the spectacle, the smell, the tone, the shadow, and freshness.
Moment that comes back to me of source somewhere of working of senses.
The road where original should live because it can become positive even if it is a little opens it.
I want to believe so.
Then, living one of these days at one time is not too difficult.
Man that can be noticed in such a way … Mysterious.
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黄昏の芸能ブローカー PR版


        action 001

とても楽しく仕事をしている人もいた! ・・・・・ということを発見した瞬間がある。


「ああ? そんな余分なことは考えねぇよ。
うるせぇな! いちいち さっきから、おめぇは。
ネクタイ曲ってるぞ! ちゃんと絞めとけ!」
「よぉし、じゃぁ始めるぞ! イチロォ、お前そんなとこで何やってるんだよ、こっちに来い!」

普通の人なら初対面と ほとんど変わらないような状況下、

        つ づ く 。


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こかげへ おでかけ

   『こかげ へ おでかけ』 〜 峠の我が家 〜 第一幕

          あ ら す じ

     ある晩、眠りにつく前に見た きれいな
     流れ星を探しに森へ出かけ いろいろ
     な冒険をします。お供の愛犬 ラップや
     七色に輝くクルミの実など 愉快な仲間と

  イラストなし    4部構成   日本語

    4.虹色の滝 〜 ふたつ目の流れ星

  原文 : 38文字×15行 28頁 日本語
  著者 : 南 大空 (みなみ まさあき)

   こかげへ おでかけ







        物語のつづきは  コチラへどうぞ。



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噂のへヴィ・ブログ、” Mind Resolve ”

一つ一つ心で感じとる自然との触れ合い、その瞬間 瞬間、
すると いつか近いうち、
生きることは それほど難しいことじゃない。


   Today's Stones Number 〜 ローリング・ストーンズ、今日の一曲!


   V E R S E 〜 詩集・散文集        


   fairlytale 〜 創作・童話集         


   Short Piece 〜 短編集        


   n o v e l 〜 連載小説        


   これは役立つ! 生活の知恵




   "mind resolve " (本チャンのブログ)
   〜 この時代に生きるか 死ぬか。本来の自分自身 獲り戻してみようぜ。




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