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Nice to meet you.
Man of The-Rolling-Stones to which it listens with reggae
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Even if you attempt the exchange with various people according to the example
When you wander the track back ahead
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Tatsuya Nakatsuka: Photojournalist of free-lance. Coverage ground: Afghanistan, Cambodia, and East Timor,Africa etc.

It walks about 50 countries by travel. The link freely : please. leonlobo@mail.goo.ne.jp .
This is not Tadamono.
I want to teach to that Mr. Ishido.
Seriously for positive people to living
I think that it is an irreplaceable activity.
Never let the fact be omitted in this age.
Doing the lid to the smell and the cheat, the cheat of me, and living
..not passing any longer...
For instance, changing the situation at this year end and new year : .
There is a symptom seeming to become an important year when the
   act dawning of the 21st century is greatly changed.
The life of thousands of 10000 people ‥ concretely :.
No, this way to say seems already to be good.
It is impolite to Mr. Nakatsukasa.
..darkening.. .
I return to Matomo, too and. "mind resolve"。
・・・Though such splendid.
However, with the kingdom of music
The story of politics
   and "Future of the earth (human race in this the natural world)"
In me because it is not separate
Though it progresses by this Blog simultaneously.
When saying putting parentheses for a moment ・・・
"If the skin is peeled off, it is Docro of all human. "
Keith Richards before
Meaning to fix skeleton ring into my right hand(?)
It runs to the word that makes remarks on.
・・・In the meaning not considered too much difficultly.
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What kind of person is Keith Richards ?

Nice to meet you.


Notification. Keith Richards's solo work feature

  〜 Keith Richards Solo work feature


Chapter 001 : You Don't Move Me



The Rolling Stones in tour present when visit to Japan in spring of 2006 is expected.

In Stones information on the street, Keith Richards :.

With the work that hits the sequel of movie 'Pirates Of Caribbean'

The story that cuts off "Father post" of the pirate Jack sparow flits.

"It makes only the idea as work with Disney Zotsu. "
Film actor's Johnny Depp : in and my child's best friend.

Is it retaliation to pilfer Keith's boots?

To be serious

Keith Richards has already acted in movies.

I want you not to forget.

Walter Hill supervisor in 1986 Was 'Crossroads' a said movie?

Comes out bringing the guitar.

It should be said the tribute of the
great master and Robert Jonsn of the blues
. (?)

Though it dares not to touch here about the so and so of the work

Keith is performing in the announcement work of a simultaneous period, and there is Sgee movie more, too.

(Though cannot it massage to the person who doesn't understand value and it know not be terrible. )


1986. VHS:CIC Victor USL 30029

Hail Hail Rock N Roll / Movie


Sound track

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry - Hail! Hail! Rock 'N' Roll (1987 Documentary)



This is an undoubted movie.

Chuck Berry's 61st birthday was celebrated and it was done on October 16,'86.

Live in St. Louis is made a movie.

It is Eric Clapton it, Julian Lennon it, R, and Ronshutad in the guest.

Even Robert Clay and Eta Jeimus are called.

Steve Jordan (ds) before Winos is formed

Johnny Jonsn (p) and zipper Rival (key) are in backing, too.

The 13th ..
"I' m Through With Love "..
in last in CD as sound track

Very, ..tears and seeming the overflow.. ..the Seoul .... ballade it...


And this work that means '
HAIL HAIL ROCk 'N' ROLL(1987 released)'

Keith Richards who is doing production

These kind of things I . in the interview of the RS magazine in 1988.

"AD: When his 45 tunes ..・・・.. are taken up

Even if 15 is a famous piece of music sooner or later that remains on the lock history


In addition..the..inside..helpless..kudzu vine.

It is necessary

Do not you think that the bean jam ball?It is natural repaying.

Because the zipper doesn't notice my real value.

It did not know that it influenced it my giving to the popular music.

However, I only want the eating strike. ..not its ..badness.. meaning...

In that age (American society in 1950's)

If man who has come out from that place aims at the success

Besides, there was no method. 」

AD:"----- Moreover, it has been severely exploited and as many as 30 years already though ……. " whether it is that condition.

KR: It is a solitary ..".. man. Therefore, it made it to work together.

It looks like Micc well. Without opening the mind.

It is 'It doesn't allow in me to enter it everyone. '

'To give something is to do by weak man. '

The more I give it, the more I think it is true it is possible to strengthen.

It is manlier and.

Who do you fear? What do you scare, do it shut so much, and do it shut yourself up?」


A part of comment of Keith who answers Chuck Berry's question.

Intavuar: Quotation from text by Anthony Dicartis.

(RS magazine in 1988)


Perhaps, in the rock musician in the world

Though Chuck Berry's tune is thought that it is only Keith Richards that masters all tunes

This project (co-star with Chuck Berry) is tried only once in 70's.

It ended halfway at.

and that, Year is
solo the first of Keith who introduced it also in this last corner in this 1988.

It is year when 'Talk Is Cheep' (released September, '88)

was announced.

That on December 15 in the same year

Live At Hollywood Palladium 』 (CD・VIDEO simultaneous sale in November, '91)

However, Shuuroc is done.
Live reference DVD At Hollywood Palladium
. (Toshiba EMI)

To and album 'Talk Is Cheep'

.."You Don' t Move Me "
.. has the tune.

When translating into my style (?)

"And ..movement.." is the said songs.


This : before 'Dirty Work'
( March, '86) release of Stones.

"Lonely At The Top " It has and the beginning number of Stones is taken out.

Solo Mick Jagger in Richards who keeps acting without consent.

It seems to have been a counterpunch.

The 'Talk Is Cheep' completion this time in another interview article.

Keith : to Mick Jagger who came to its house to play (Came for reconciliation).

Listen to the album, and when the seat is removed to taking and it returns for a moment in the drink

Did it become pleasant while the how many being heard, and Micc :.

Kets is shaken alone according to the sea weed of "Keith's solo work".

There is an episode said that it danced in front of the mirror, too.

Then, it is so. And Keith Richards & the X-pensive Winos : very much.

It is composed of the member of the choice.

Here, in the meaning including
Osarai of the last preview

When you will roughly introduce the member of X-pensive Winos ・・・


Steve Jordan(ds,vo)

It was a member of blues Brazarz. It took an active part in 24 chome band of fusion.

There is a career, and it in 'Dirty Work' in front of the Chuck Berry co-starring stage of the example of how many

It shares, and it beats instead of Charlie Watts. (… Charlie was Taihen even in 80's. )

The sound can be twined round Keith's guitar play like, this person, and Watz, etc.

The head of Keith "I cannot play excluding Stones" was overturned.

Jori Spampinart(b)

Bassist of Keith's named NRBQ favorite (BAR) band.

Johnny Johnson(p)

Fellow who had beaten keyboard by a series of recording of Chuck Berry in the past.

Keith has called the stop of the music activity, and the driver of the bus.

When listening to some jam sessions such as Keith's "Key To The Highway"

Ian Stuart is reminiscent.

Zipper Rival(key)

Bobby Caius(sax)

Learning of stage of recent Stones ..familiarity.. all ..these two person.. already.

Is the tenor in Bobby Caius using it from the age of Buddy Horry?

Wadi Wactel(g)

..Jackson Brown (.. Linda Ronshutad after independence Eagles in Harajuku besides the guitarist

Companion without) in there is having seen walking it is Gerald. Los Angeles and New York

It seems to be difficult for the session artist who makes it to the base to usually capture it. According to circumstances, from the person in question

It is said that there are a lot of professional musicians like there is a person who refuses, too. ・・・Though in Stones, it is not.

In such a meaning, it ..'Bridges to Babylon'
.. greatly takes an active part.

Ivan Neville(key)

Father of Aaron Nevil with good Daniel Ranoa and relations famous for produce of U2 ・・・

(Write Neville Brothers obediently) The son. Four of the 'Thanks'
collection of the announcement : for 94 years.

Content that should be said, "Performance of Ecshipenshiv Wainorz that Vorcal is not only in Keith's guitar".

Association at the people from 'Dirty Work' that is called "Keith album" of Stones.

Charlie Drayton(b,ds,vo)

The tour experience and it exists with Herbie Hancock the hunting of ..Grat.. artist. The yell is different.

Originally ..drum.. mainly, musical instruments are multis. The percussion is done by 'Dirty Work'.

Booty Collins(b)

Mashio Parker(alt.sax)

Bunny Worrel(key)

These three people so that "Jeimus Brown who?" of "What is "Funk"?" may come

It is not possible to steer around, and such existence. B, Collins, and M and Parker are JB 's especially.

It relates deeply also to P funk Orlstarz by Kiwamono that exists in head temple (?). B and Worrel

Memphis style of "Make No Mistake"
did not consist in case of not being.

Sara dash(vo)

Former member of Ravel that makes Peter Baracan's loved "Lady marmalade" become a hit.

Nona Hendrix and relations are good in the daughter of Gemi Hen.

There is a career that appears in the opening performance of the Stones U.S. tour in 1964.

Willie Mitchell(horn arrangement)

It was originally a trumpeter, and it was in the conduct oneself (high Recorz) about Memphis and the Seoul boundary seeing The University of Tokyo (?).

The person of this ..a lot of hits of
Al green such as ♪.. is .."Let' s Stay Together "
.. produce.

Baccwet Zaidico(ac)

Person from whom
this becomes Baracan's radio programs V rotation
, too.

It belongs to the (?) island record not put if E and Eric Clapton are co-starring, and there is no extreme individuality.

Patti Shalfa(vo)

Member of BOSS&E Street band. There was time that had been called the little finger of B and Springsteen.

..performing.. of ..'Dirty Work'.. back-up vocals it. Is meeting Keith 'SUN CITY'

Michael Duse(vln)

It Cajun musical fields in the leader of the band named and the baud ..understanding.. soleil well because it did not listen.

It seems to be a leading figure in Tuu. drink
Because Baracan is more detailed to this, reception Ryouhara : to NHK-FM.


Condition..all..detailed..know...drinking.. ..,.. each one so

The person who listens by my ear and is confirming it is more unusual. (・・・ I'm sorry for Peter)

Anyway, even permanent is certain usually the pasteboard dump it not arranged.

The musician in Japan ..".. : piling up how much Kane even if it is said,".

Keith Richards who makes Hana talent who doesn't take notice companion very easily.

It massages it, and a lot of excellent talents are the opening performances and, up to now, will have been recorded. look alike about Mick Jagger

As a result, it will offer by taking it out here and there.

Division is different from the serial drama of the morning of NHK.

・・・Has it gotten drunk by bourbon it is what?I.


The solo album of Keith Richards who completed it with and such a member

Still, to two solo of 'She's the Boss '
of Mick and 'Primitive Cool '

It is about to be said, "And ..movement..", and any tune arises from the inquiry of Stones.


There was Keith Richards's existence.

In and LIVE AID of (6/13) for 85 years, it performs to a separate stage.


Because "Mick and I are married couple" is said now

Causing the crack in the combination of Grimartsinz

I do not think that I am. (・・・ In separately in the relative. )

The person whom and Keith Richards say is anyway.

It is .."Stage activity of Stones".. ..subject.. alive. Now.

Therefore, I and other members except me :.

The solo activity that makes it Hottaracashi is not permitted. … When easily saying.

The part in which it can be visited from various remarks of the current person in question

Though it is thought that the person of the Stones fan also knows

A series of .... ..performing.. activity of Keith Richards : in year of 85〜88.

In a sense, I think, it was not "Kegeme in oneself".

Stones is never dissolved as long as I am alive.

My starting point is never forgotten.

Maxim of guitarist of "Staunchness" in such a meaning.


..".. ..the necessity to play.


With five bowstrings and three kinds of sounds

Hole only of one it of two fingers and anus"


In this, Keith Richards is the sixth bowstring of my guitar.

Remove "Bass bowstring of E", make to five bowstrings, and, in addition,

A certain special opening tuning is given.

Advantage of playing with the guitar

Vic Garbarini that questions on of the starting point is said to the person.

(Musician magazine / Y.G.F of 83 years . Aki Tamura: Translation)

The interior of and this word is considerably deep.

At 'Beggars Banquet '
( released by December, '68) so that the person in question may say

It originally : though it seems to have established opening G tuning and "Riff handling".

It is said that the tuning of five bowstring banjo "Sears & Roebuck" is a prototype.

However, ・・・・・・・・ in another interview article from there further.



It stopped it. It became tired.

Though the person who strums the guitar such a story might understand

Because it is a lot of other side of the world for "However, pure Stones loving man"

Because it is not thought that I write here and it advances it either

Please feel for the person who wants to learn continuation by such a book and the magazine relation.

It variously introduces it in the bookstore of right pink cadillac.

It was in the mechanism going out with making when "Elder brother with stern face" was clicked.


Well, such Keith Richards's solo activity :.

From where Hajime?

To tell the truth, it is variously before 'Talk Is Cheep'.

"I put out its hand only to ..fine quality.. heroin most. "

A considerable sound source has been left only as for knowing to us 70's.

Relations deepened the exchange at ' It's Only Rock N Roll '

The contribution of the Ron wood will be large.


Ron Wood

I've Got My Own Album to Do


It was contained in the first solo album ' I've Got My Own Album to Do '
( 1974 released) in Ronnie.

In several besides Keith Richards is taking lead Vorcal

" Act Together "
Saying, "Keith's original work", and other musics : the tune.

It is taken up as a stage number of new Barbarianz of 79 years.

The tune "Sure The One You Need" is Kansas City on June 6,'75.

The performance sound source exists in the stage of Stones, too.

It performs the farewell live the guest about Feises in November, '75. (DVD image record and exist. )

..paving.. tune .."Scarret ".. said if recorded in November, 1974 the just one year-ago.

Elmo Cambo club of Stones in March, '77

It is several to which the studio was recorded at the editing work as for "Live recording on the fifth".

"Worried Life Blues "、"Apratment No.9 "、

"Say It's Not You "、"She Still Comes Around "、"Sing Me Back Home "Another

These seem to be tunes learnt from Gram Persons. Moreover,

It started being produced based on the recording tape sound source in Toronto in 80 in May, 1979.

Solo album and 'BAD LUCK' of phantom.

In that, it is standard and "We Had It All " of the country music

There is a lot of considerably complete musics such as Sam Cook's covers and "Lets Go Steady ".

(・・・ By the way, it is possible to listen to most of the sound source of the number enumerated here by the bootleg. )

79 simultaneous in year period and the Ron Wood are led, and it goes out to the tour as a member of the band named new Barbarianz.

"Apratment No.9 " of Tammy Winet said to be standard in country

"Worried Life Blues " of the Big Maseo Mary weather is originally performed.

Moreover, this two also has the recording sound source in 77.

And, "Before They Make Me Run"
put in ' Some Girls '
in 78 also :.

It performs in the stage of "Stones the outside".

In addition, go back, and the Vorcal part of "You Got The Silver" in 68

There is a version that Keith Richards himself is single and singing, too.

Originally, many of making of the tune of Stones is respectively on the Micc side and the Keith side.

Bring together the idea that we made, and the shape of the session style it is possible to pass

In the mechanism that the song writing is done it,

The phrase in the tune and one passage from lyrics to both

It is an ant in a decided Kin groin to stock "Possession material" in the number of stars.


As long as persons in question are alive, have not dissolved yet, and it acts

Though it is not thought that such various sound sources are made dirty like Beatles

・・・(including me)Man foolish.

Distinguished services built up in others' lives

It goes after as if "My thing" and it spends.

What do and I have?

This if you cannot put the arrangement into order in my life

For instance, there is case in Chapman, too.

December 8, 80 years.

It is who of. kill !」Is angry and rolled up.

It is a person in one hand who ran about New York all night long as for Smith & Wesson.

Keith Richards.

From who to might not fan of Beatles

The party at the people unabashedly compares, criticizes, and criticizes it.

Anyway,「Stones and Chopin. 」..bite.. ,

"Alto and Amadeus = mozzarella cheese = Keith Richards"(What did you absorb?)

It makes to the theme, and talking in seriousness.

My foolishness might be understood a little if it does so.

It is that doesn't exist when actually existing at all.


Why is it to such a talk ?


At "Solo" outside Stones of and Keith Richards

About one year the 1980 of the tragedy ago

Two regularly put on the market as project at Christmas in December, '79

The coupling was done with Chuck Berry's cover by "Run Rudolph Run ".

Number of reggae Jimmy Crif and "The Harder They Come "

It cannot know whether thinking that the one piece on the single record is the beginning is general.




The "Run Rudolph Run" though it thought even if you choose at one of today

Even though I am doing very much without permission

It is a cover tune the first time of "Keith solo work feature".

Tension somehow ..fall...

And, such a sound source doesn't exist in official CD. It anywhere.

I stock the MP3 data in the server somewhere.

It pulls it to the HTML tag buried under this page with the REAL player.

Because the Yabai nature is done for a moment, it stops and it solves it though there is hand, too.

The person who wants to listen by all means : the VINL record in Nishi-Shinjuku or somewhere.

Is the mono-phone (… It is already EP of a tattered jacket) that does bought?

Mr. bootleg shop (… There must not be at least ten) who is in the vicinity is hunted.

Do you endure by tone quality bad, cheap bootleg CD ・・・?

Please do about there by my hobby.

However, when it is it, one of today is lost.


Then, in the number that enters 'Live At Hollywood Palladium' a little while ago, too

It enters ' Between the Buttons '
in 1967.


"Connection "


Though this is from an album of Stones

And I think of Keith Richards's "First original solo work" because I see.

If it is this, ..not reader's alone doing.. it is possible ..impartiality.. to listen.

Do not you think suitability also for the first time of "Keith solo work feature"?



The Rolling Stones

Between the Buttons




Either catches one's eye by four though the content is different by the US board and the UK board.



"Connection " ( live version )


Here incidentally : from live of the example.




Keith Richards & the X-pensive Winos

Live at the Hollywood Palladium (December 15, 1988)




Finally, selfish "Keith solo work feature" as the first this time

During the 20th century and the 21st century to my desire

Rolling Stones that had developed long-lived activity like this.

About a musical change in the 43 years of Stones

E and Eric Clapton who aimed at Micc Taylor's successor are how.

Ronnie and Watz that sees off Bill Wyman : with the long ages very.

If you say it is detailed though cutting is lost, too

It is two roughly separately.

With Keith's change before and after Brian Jones's dying

Time that is division feeling at middle of 80's. Keith Richards there.

With the establishment of opening G tuning Souhou on the stage

There is today that depends on Keith's solo activity's having opened the flower by Chuck Berry's existence.

・・・It thinks. . of me

(In a sense, because here is a Keith feature, Mick Jagger : in the businessman. )


The person "It is not understood whether I may listen to Stones ..somewhere.."

The..point..mind..age..sound change..enjoy.

It only has to listen to a favorite album by my intuition.

The person who wants to be listening seeing only "Stones today" may have an affair with another artist.


However, it will return to Stones without fail sooner or later.

It might be early like the person "I hate Stones".

Because next to the blessing of, "Music" water or air, food, and the sun and SEX

It is ..becoming it.. . because it is indispensable for man who lives in this world.

..it.. .."Medicine of the mind".. ..seeing...

Father who understands that from us well by hundreds of times and is alive

It is Keith Richards. ・・・..becoming it.. . maybe

Therefore, it listens to music, it performs, and surely if it is man involved there.

It is not possible to escape from Stones.

. from me I ..come not to being able escape..


The way that saves me and for myself of the other some : though is.

Stones wisdom and ・・・・・ in age today especially ..danger..

I : ..the desire so...






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