Will you perform the song tune about "Lost love"

Will you perform the tune that sings of "Lost love"? (music introduction)

Human race society of 2006 that singer-songwriter and Tetsuya Itami in Japan sing


In the last page, though it has written somehow in a part of delusion and the with one's own way


It introduced it on this page.

時代は変わるよ / The age changes 

The new song of DEMOTetsuya's consideration ..(..)
It is up-loaded again on the usual site . http://home.p02.itscom.net/fighting/
Then, there is no DEMO2, and DEMO. Interior of interior of ..drinking.. corner.   Interior of page of Gallery as of 2006-06-05.
It is there the new establishment of the page of DEMO5.html.                   GALLERY5.html  
Moreover, there newly again
Besides, five tunes of various variations besides last time are arranged.
That sideways that and
I ..".. do not belong to the underground.

With message of ..drinking.. ,.

Among the musics introduced there


Tom Waits's 'Drunkard angel' is reminiscent.
Even a valuable sound source of the live performance at 33 seconds of seven minutes appears, too.
Describing clearly who the piano performance of backing is : though it is not.
Only the singing voice put on a skillful usual guitar accompaniment
It is clarified that it is not Tetsuya's Itami artist talent and is clarified the Hakkiri.

It is above the one.

Rock'n Blues

With ..rough.. song of Cange of music on 20 seconds of five minutes though it is developed by the performance
Tasting that mastering the blues harp is chic is caused.
Blackish atmosphere is intertwined and is interesting in lyrics of "Tetsyasets".
One also for driver in strong respect of divine wind taxi (?) of Nagoya and Sho of Niigata * harmony taxi to want to listen.

Though it explains below without permission why
(Defend the order of the decision of the artist and the array. )
It is in the following.

Sorry'ma baby

"Is this cover of Elvis?"
To tell the truth original music. it is possible to think
..floatage.. ?、「Bo I ♪」Drink..'..brier. Though there is an image like the western-style music
Even Tetsuya's generation has already experienced, and it has listened to such a tune in real time.
Many of famous piece of music of American popularity in 60's 1950's.
The country whole, Burt Bacharach, and Jerry Butler, etc. also include it.
Only the person who is well informed of such a tune composition thinks that it can make it.
Only this tune must not make atmosphere "It is nostalgic" a selling point, and either ..even..
From among the person who is the Big normally name of TETSUYA ITAMI
There is no difference in the tune of springing up naturally and making it.
For instance,
In the movie where the life of an aged singer that the United States doesn't sell is drawn
To the guest in a certain shop
「. Will you perform the tune that sings of "Lost love"?」
It is requested.
And, starring and C. Eastwood of the movie :.
My mate's guitar is held, and it begins to sing indifferently.
There was such a scene.
I was brought together at short time of 24 seconds of these four minutes.
Loddy of ..obtaining.. Me and the singing voice to the mind of the person who listens
I also want that C. Eastwood to listen. By all means.

Well, today though it apologizes because of the interpretation of Orenaga
It introduces music unusually for me, and seriously. (It : of where. )
I think ..such Matomo.. contents of a letter to be ..・・・・.. ・・・・ at times ..might the necessity...
This time the on

口笛のメロディ / Melody of whistle

Even the introduction to beginning go out : to the head thought to be "It is possible to come".
It is a singer and it is skillful of Tetsuya Itami as the composer.
"The melody of that waist Coast style revived. "
The person of the fan from perhaps old : more than imagined feelings.
The Bullitt pop in the latter half of 1980's has been imagined for me.
Aztecc camera where Loddy frame exists
The JAM to which ROCKAPELLA shines … Style council
Cc Hayward of haircut 100.
Additionally, Pal Fauntenz or orange juice and Prifab Sprout
It is singing as for the tune 'Pashenz' … getting … Roid call & Comorshonz . . . Etc.
In the music scene in Britain in that age
The man of talent and the melody manufacturer as said, "Appear only by one degree in ten"
With a lot of possession songs that the message color is thick though it is fresh
It disappeared somewhere when the hit was shot one after another.
However, music keeps still acting on the people now.
At that time, people who to complete from the independent music chart of Britain to the majors route also :.
It never resigns.
As much than keeping no change of Tetsuya Itami in Japan, the singing, and alive.

It is most below at and the end.

心静かに / It is calm

What has this tune already been said?
What is my frame of mind until recent in the tune that feelings that exist completely in the counter direction are shown by the song?
"It is alive in such feelings at man and any time when. "
The content like the yearning on the half for me of today.
To tell the truth,
The complaint : to the quality of tone quality though cannot say because DEMO.
By all means..live performance..listen..have.

Moreover, personally (… complete, personal)
It was necessary to have been introduced last time.
"Tokyo phoenix that is buried in sand of Tokyo desert, and looks like myth"
Sung thrill at 32 seconds of three minutes
『13月の灰〜 / From among the ash during 13month』 ..bite.. ,
It was sung, "That was a gust at the midsummer, and a danced curtain".
Tune to make performance of Rowel George of Fleetwood Mac and Za band thought.
(The number has been forgotten. )
『一片の塵 / Piece dust』
『ひゅるりら / hyururira 』 (..keeping secret..)

In addition, though there were still two new songs
The day when it can listen to it again is expected.
                             It is opening it to the public by 8all in the beginning of June, 2006.
Thus, though I also listen only about the second
When you will roughly introduce it
The singer-songwriter, the person "Tetsuya Itami" :.
It variously has abundant powers of expression only with one guitar and the harmonica.
In the interior of the talent, the world tries to be told wonderful of music really.
Saying that there is only simple, frank "Appearance of me of the truth" comes into view.
The more it listens, the more.
For the person of the singing occupation of playing a melody
Simply ..that.. and ..performing.. .... difficultly
Moreover, the furiously burning fire is not rooted out in me, and keeping keeping the zeal :.
Music industry in the current world and Japan doubtful whether in "Professional" of damage cataracts
・・・・Woops! I will stop it here this time.

As for this talent, it extends and it is necessary to pay attention to width more in world.
・・・・'s that not is must not be only me though not being paid attention might be mysterious.

This is read now.
You who should have obediently listened to some songs on Tetsuya's Itami site also.

As long as it is man ….

It is possible to listen to the music of the artist who introduced it here on the site here.


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- Book in which this article is published: Meeting to make Tetsuya Itami come back
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